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Katie Rodriguez 

As a Mom that started my journey early on, I totally get it! Adulting can be overwhelming and definitely starts to get very crazy at times.  My name is Katie Rodriguez, a lifelong Winthrop resident, I am married, 36 years old with 3 beautiful, active, girls; ages 16, 11, and 3.

I provide healthy meal alternatives, meal prep, and planning made easily accessible and readily available for the average overworked and overwhelmed.  My meals and offerings have ranged from suitable athletic support, specific plans, and introductory meal offerings for those who think eating healthy has to be boring or bland.  I pride myself in making meals using vegetables to replace common comfort ingredients, while creating dishes relatable to “comfort food” and having people enjoy a dish they never thought they’d eat. When a man tells me he loves kale and never knew…I know I’m doing something right!

As women, and as moms, we tackle the responsibilities of constantly having to provide. Carrying the weight can be a lot!  There simply isn’t enough time to do all of the various tasks on our plate. And as a mom of kids who have strong food allergies and health issues, I understand the nerves that go along with ordering out.  It was extremely important I take control and monitor what ingredients go into my children’s food. Others in my circle took notice when I posted a photo of my healthy dishes and what felt like instantly, I began receiving requests to help them implement healthier options in their families lives.

The outpouring love and support from our community has been UNBELIEVABLE!"

Constantly hearing how much you love our food, how much of a burden has been lifted from your home life is why we grind day in and day out.  We’ve been there and know you deserve a breather every now and again. YOU’RE the reason we work so hard to make this happen.  We see you, we hear you and we're going to continue serving you only the freshest, healthiest food options around.

Katie’s Kitchen is starting to expand beyond our wildest dreams!  We're now helping to nourish some of the top athletes in the area like the Northeastern Women’s Hockey Team and The Boston Pride.


I have seemingly employed a tribe of female supporters who have worked together to make this happen.  Every stepping stone or push to the next level has been powered by a strong woman. This endeavor has been built by a crazy, unspoken camaraderie that we have no intention of slowing down!


My plans/hopes for the future have been changing and evolving throughout this journey.  I find a new piece of meaning every time I turn the page. But one thing remains in that I want to continue helping feed every person, every family, every hungry mouth along the way.


Ultimately, my goal is to help people.


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