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3-Ways To Order

3-Ways To Order

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Meal Prep

This pre-order program includes the optional opportunity (upon request) for macronutrient information, and portioning of client’s purchased menu items.

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Grab 'N Go


Visit our storefront! Come and see for yourself what Katie's Kitchen has to offer.  Grab 'N Go meals are available while supplies last.  All items are made fresh daily.

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Office Delivery

Pickup Locations

Designated pickup locations can be coordinated here.  We do all of the legwork, making your life that much easier! Drop-offs coordinated throughout the week in many areas of Massachusetts. Contact us to learn more.

We Work For You

Our commitment to provide healthy meal alternatives for our clients has been our mission since day one. Healthy and Creative Meal Prep w/a familiar twist and made accessible for all.


Time is tight, it’s not always easy to Eat Right.  We are taking on all the dirty work, eliminating your challenge of the shop & chop- finding that life is seemingly nonstop. Save your time and your money.

We Got You!

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